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What we do

Building The Future.

Who We Are

Amazon Urban Development Company is a UAE-based company with over 20 years of presence in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is one of the 11 subsidiaries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance user experience in the MENA region and generate high ROI for investors by collaborating with top engineering and consulting firms.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to thrive by being the most innovative and accomplished company by crafting a luxurious, high-quality future for the MENA region.

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Diamond Tower

the first and highest twisted tower in Africa, promises to deliver to the Egyptian market a wholly original and unique experience.

Our history

The History
Of Amazon

The Parent Company

Al-Amazon Group, has gone through many stages since 1985 until today, resulting in the operation of ten companies under the name of Al-Amazon Group in the Arab Gulf region and Egypt, making it a unique brand characterized by its innovation in a wide range of sectors. The following sections will provide a detailed history of Al-Amazon Group.

Diamond Tower 1

Diamond Tower 2

Diamond Tower 3

Diamond Tower 4

Diamond Tower 5

Diamond Tower 6

23 Marina
Dubai Tower

Office Tower





Our History

Amazon In Years

In 2003, due to the construction boom that the UAE witnessed during this period, the company opened its first branch in the UAE under the name of "Al-Amazon Building Construction L.L.C" as a company specializing in the implementation and maintenance of residential towers.

In 2006, the company formed strategic alliances and joint venture agreements with major local and regional companies, including an alliance with Al Salam Group for Industries, which has been famous for its great experience in the implementation of building facades for high-rise towers in the UAE since 1990, to serve as the strong arm of the contracting company in implementation and speed of delivery.

In 2007, a factory was opened to produce glass of various types for buildings according to the highest quality standards, using the latest technology and machines, and was operated by talented and skilled technicians, in order to ensure the highest quality standards in architectural glass processing.

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