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Your Dreams As High As Mountains

MAK is a recognized brand in Dubai, UAE, and is regarded as one of the top firms that provides professional engineering consulting and engineering services, including facility programming, master planning, architectural design, structural design, project management, and electromechanical design, all of which make use of CAD software for the various market sectors.

EFS is a facility management company that curates, manages, and executes facility management frameworks to improve performance and extend the life cycle of assets by offering integrated facility management services ranging from design and development to operational performance assessment, review, stabilization, and transformation across 21 countries.

Amazon Industrial Group has built a strong brand reputation in the UAE by being the leader in the construction and execution of glass facades and high-rise tower building projects since 1990. The group has completed a number of iconic projects, which in turn has presented the opportunity to evolve into real estate development with more than 100 projects.

Allied Consultants Ltd. is a consultancy firm that specialises in providing consulting services for electro-mechanical building services. The company was founded in 1997 with the aim of creating a trusted foundation that would offer each property cutting-edge solutions thanks to its extensive expertise in electro-mechanical design and supervision

Amazon Construction L.L.C. was established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2000. Amazon Construction was one of the first companies to start operations in the modern-day United Arab Emirates, specialising in the construction, maintenance, and execution of residential high-rise towers. The company has developed over 40 prestigious.

Founded in 2012, KAD Commercial Property Management is known for its proven track record of being one of the leading firms in property management and consultancy services, as well as marketing strategy and execution monitoring. KAD not only manages retail properties but also assists them in actively developing them to meet the ever-changing market needs.

Salama Structural Engineers (SSE) is an Egyptian professional engineering consulting firm established in 1987 with a focus on providing complete design services for super tall buildings and mega structural steel projects, including Facility Programming, Master Planning, Structural Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Electromechanical Design, and BIM design software. SSE also offers seismic design and turnkey project implementation with full project management