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Who We Are

Your Dreams As High As Mountains

Who We Are

Amazon Urban Development Company is a UAE-based company with over 20 years of presence in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the 11 subsidiaries of the Amazon UAE Group, which has a significant history and contributions to urban development, contracting, facility management, hospitality, manufacturing, finishing, delivery, management, maintenance, and manufacturing and implementation of glass facades for towers.

During its presence, the group has executed more than 30 Rise-High towers. This gives us confidence that a company with the history and achievements of Amazon, when deciding to enter Egypt with a distinctive project like Tower Diamond Capital, is taking on the challenge of implementing the first and tallest Twisted Tower in Egypt and Africa.

We anticipate witnessing an urban revolution that will be considered a landmark for the entire African continent. In the Egyptian real estate market.






Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold international standards by collaborating with highly qualified engineering, design, and consulting firms to deliver high-quality innovations on time to improve the user experience in the MENA region and generate the highest ROI for investors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to thrive by being the most innovative and accomplished company by crafting a luxurious, high-quality future for the MENA region.

Affiliated Entities